The Highs and Lows, The Ebbs and Flows

Last week I was on top of the world riding a tiger.

This week, hmm, not so much.

This week I am facing the reality of a mountain made of laundry.

This week I am facing the reality of reality, that sometimes we’re up- way way up, and sometimes…. not so up.

I’m not down.  I wouldn’t go so far to say that. Just introspective. Its raining outside.  I have some more serious, mellow business to attend to.

Sometimes life’s a party of sunshine.

Sometimes its a snuggle fest on the couch,  or taking comfort in a moment inhaling a warm cup of tea.  Sometimes its simply dancing in the simple tasks that nourish and sustain us.  Taking comfort in the rhythm of dishes, cooking, buying groceries and the like.  In navigating the nuances of a tiny new kitchen helper.  Mighty proud is she:) and me too for that matter.  This little family is rejoicing in drawers of clothing all fixed up and folded, books put away on the shelf, and wholesome casseroles and giggling shared at the table.



Ahhhh, Change.

I am happy with this move so far. Like all new things it will take some time to get to know this new space these new gadgets, have a look, and a tinker around. I like my background, and I think it shall be quite comfortable here.

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Checking in.

Many levels of transformation are taking place in my life right now.  I am elated, blissful, inspired and feeling so strong and ready for the serious work of the active summer ahead.  Right now my Goddess School had gone from a sweet extracurricular novelty to full blown inner revolution.  I’ve struck a vein of gold. 

My hoop dance class is a dream come true, the momentum is building as I am seeing the need for a community to gather in their hoops as a great one.  My girlfriends are experiencing a way to bond that is healthy and in celebration of the bliss and wisdom of their souls.  As we hoop we honor the magnificence of our bodies, hone the power of our spirits, we express our emotions together.  It is nothing less than magic that happens when we hoop together. 

I am also taking a bellydancing/ yoga fusion class.  Both practices are ancient and beautiful, revitalizing and its so nice to have one more night out a week where I am a woman; not a mother, not a house keeper.

I haven’t been blogging- and maybe this post isn’t really a “blog” post per se.  But I wanted to check in here and I don’t know where to start because so much is going on.  Life is so rich at the moment.  This week I am looking forward to playing non-stop with my little Cora Snow ball beany-bo, to finishing baby knitted dress #2, dancing(a lot),  more crystal writing, Music Together class, cooking some Indian food, making laundry detergent and facial cleanser, mowing my lawn with my brand new old fashioned non motorized lawnmower, turning compost, hoop class, bellydancing, and of course Goddess School artwork.  Whew.  I’m sure I’ll dig up a few more delicious soul treats while I’m at it.  My propencity for following my bliss has earned me the nickname “Micheal Scott”  from my husband (if any of you watch “The Office”)  But I accept my approach, and I am definitely happiest with a full plate and with taking a big old bite that I can barely chew. 

I want to leave with an experpt from an awesome book I am reading called “Buddhism for Mothers of Small Children” by Sarah Napthali.  Now I am not Buddhist or anything.  I honor all religions, I honor Truth, and Love.  And Jesus has got my back on that one.  So….

“Each time we practice clear seeing of the present, without clinging or aversion, whenever we practice patient acceptance, gratitude or compassion, we strengthen a habit and from there we begin to recreate our character and our destiny.” 

That one struck me today.  So I flow down this fast moving tide of my springtime life, witnessing with eyes wide open,  allowing with great big gratitude, and playing like its my last day on Earth. 

If you are reading this I am so very very grateful 🙂

Blooming Expression of Mother Earth

Each year the rapid green booming and blooming of spring (most welcome by me) brings with it a grim reality; yard maintenance.  And with yard maintenance, the subsequent reality of war waged upon the earth around our homes.   

Now I have no problem with yard maintenance per se.  Per se.  I understand needing to remove certain plants from an area to cultivate other certain plants.  However, I wonder about the logic behind using perfectly good water to water a lawn of perfectly useless grass that one is going to have to use perfectly good time and energy(as in gas, as in oil) to mow down, only to have to water again and mow it down yet again.

I wonder about the logic behind spewing poisons all over the earth surrounding and supporting ones home, especially when the plants that are being poisoned over and over again are so very much more useful than that field of very useless and not that good looking grass. 

I marvel at the persistence of Mother Earth marching forth with her thriving expression, subjecting her beautiful green children to be met with poisons and blades over and over again.  She comes back willingly, expressively speaking that big green Mama voice.  She continues to speak through the cracks in our cement, to thrive in gravel beds where her green is quieted routinely.

I adore this moment in spring, when my yard has yet to be mowed, and I get to witness what it is that the great green Mama wants to be here right now in my little patch of Earth.  I tolerate the tension that my overgrown yard creates between me and my neighbors.  How can explain that I love those plants that they call weeds just as much and they love their little bucket of poison that they use to water their gravel with?  
The oh so familiar dandelion plant, its leaves and flowers are edible and delicious is salads, they contain more vitamins and minerals than spinach, or any other dark leafy green one could buy.  The root is a powerful strengthening tonic especially for the liver and kidneys.  Its many uses are celebrated by herbalists,  its mere presence agitates the weekend gardener.  
Me and Cora think they are beautiful.


I am experiencing an unbelievably frustrating situation with Blogger.  I am unable to comment on any blogger account.  I can comment on other blogs, just not blogger ones.  Not even my own.  Help!  THis is driving me crazy and I just may have to switch to another blog thingy.

Better pictures :)

It’s DONE!!!

I finally finished her dress.

I learned in this project that I love knitting.

I also learned how to purl, knit ribbing, knit in the round. All kinds of skills really.

Did I mention that I LOVE knitting.

I finally finished this last night way past my bedtime, and I promptly began another washcloth. You know cuz we need one.

oops- there’s a thread I forgot to clip!

(Taking a big chance here 🙂

These days at the grocery store.

I used to go to the grocery store and hop out of my car carrying my keys, with a card or cash in my pocket, carelessly swing the door shut behind me and skip along on my errand.

These days, I park, strap on my baby carrier, check my wallet, make sure I have my list, and my eco-friendly reusable shopping bags filled with reused plastic produce bags, make sure there is a sippy cup- somewhere. I decide to leave my purse in the car and just take the wallet because I am already packing more than I can carry and I have yet to get the second half of my load out of the car. I get out of the front and hop into the back seat. I put Cora’s socks and shoes back on her because for some reason she takes them off every time we go for a drive and for some reason I continue to put them on her before we go somewhere. I get her out of the car, and make it across the parking lot to the shopping carts, only to realize that I forgot my list in my purse that I decided not to bring with me cause I thought that would be easier. I go back and get it.

Finally, I make it inside the grocery store.

I used to pop around the store with a little basket, gazing at prices doing the math, smelling produce, dreaming of the epic meals I was going to make my man for dinner.

These days I navigate the aisles with my big ol shopping cart, keeping my little one entertained so she doesn’t jump out of her little seat. With bananas and silly faces, we try not to cause traffic jams in the produce section. I check my list and throw things (quickly!) in the cart before Cora is over it. I endure sympathetic glances when she is over it and has decided she would like out of the cart RIGHT NOW or she will scream. I wrestle a thrashing baby-toddler in her very first grocery store store fit, and praise god that I had the foresight to strap her baby carrier to me before this went down. I find a private section and get her settled in next to me- to my body, her first home, so our hearts and our breaths can come together in calm, I breathe and pop that piece of magic given to mommies that must have been designed specifically for grocery store fits because it works no matter what. Seriously, 100% of the time it works.

I navigate the rest of my trip with my baby-toddler strapped into Mommy bliss. I move fast because (her) time is running short. I pray for a quick line at the check out and a kind (and quick) check out person.

We get out, we make it out alive and well. I haul my reusable eco friendly grocery bags full of groceries and get them to the car. I think, gee, going to the grocery store used to be such a different experience.

But its all so worth it.


That title got you wondering huh?
I just ran across this piece of brilliance. It would have been downright selfish of me not to share it with you. I can’t figure out how to smoothly link it to a word so y’all will just have to cut and paste it in you browser. Get ready to evolve.