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Ok, time for a great big gush of inspiration… r. u. ready?

I especially love this post.  I hope this woman writes a manual, I would keep it with me always for the next 2 years or so.

Making Your Life Your Job Just the title of this post makes my soul soar like an eagle.

Playing is so important that there is an institute for it.  I’ve decided if I ever need a job, this will be the first place I send my resume.

An amazing article on Hooping!!!.  There are even some fantabulous videos by the gorgeous Miss Shakti Sunfire herself.

This here is a new book that I think I can talk Todd into letting me buy 🙂

And HERE is your assignment.  I expect it to be completed in full.  There.


Be Gentle With Yourself

Today was one of those days.  There was nothing wrong, it was a beautiful day with a sky full of white and blue fluffy drama, we spent time in the  park just me and my favorite girl.  She even took her nap easy-peasy, on time, and with almost no fuss whatsoever.  But somehow in spite of a perfect day, a perfect moment, I was like an exposed nerve ready to blame the whole world with the ways in which it was irritating me.  Oh so conscious of this I was, I set out to lay in the sun during nap time, let the rays burn away the bother so that I could get on to my to do list, only to be irrationally disturbed by the excessive motor noise from my dear neighbor who seems to be aspiring to turn his front yard into a museum of Chevy pick-up trucks.  I came inside.  I realised loud and clear.  Its me.  And that is ok.

See, I’ve been here before, many times in fact.  Just off, just funky.  I have handled it in many different ways in my life.  I have smoked, eaten, yelled, blamed, cried, shamed, shopped, avoided, and tv’d my way through these moods.  I have created dramatic situations on the outside of my life to match the inside, I have dug holes inches or miles deep that require all sorts of work, and effort to climb out of them.  But not today because the stakes are high. I have a baby to take care of.

I thought to myself, “What would I want Cora to do for herself if she felt like this?  What do I want to teach Cora about how to handle these days that just feel off?”

I rested (in spite of an untidy house), I knitted, I (tried) to think positive things- or at least not think to many negative things.  In short I decided to be gentle with myself, and therefore with Cora and with my life.  We took a long healing bath with crystals, and we got in our jammies a couple of hours too soon.  I put a pizza in the oven and called it dinner.

We also listened to this hilarious video of Sark being interview by Goddess Leonie.

I realised at the end of today that sometimes there is a whole lot of life to process.  I have been setting forth a whole ton of new major life projects that will take so much time and many many baby steps.  In the meantime, it felt amazing today to end up with one project fully completed.  One tiny project that will nurture the spirit of self-love and self-care.

One sweet little white washcloth, in the spirit of self-care being paramount to caring for others.  In gratitude for the fact that I even have the luxury of being too irritated to function.  And in honor of gentleness with yourself.

Crystal Thursday – Smokey Quartz

This week we travel back to the quartz family kingdom to learn about one of the most essential crystals in a healers toolbox.

Smokey Quartz
Smokey quartz is a member of the quartz family distinguished by its natural brown color that is caused by traces of aluminum and lithium, as well as radioactivity deep within the earth’s crust.  It is traditionally, and widely considered a protective stone, thought to guard one from bad luck.  It is the celebrated national gemstone of Scotland because it has been mined in the Cairngorm Mountains throughout the ages.  These days it is found in many countries including Brazil, Madagascar, Scotland, Switzerland and the US.  Smokey quartz is the classic anti-stress stone, its vibe is soothing and earthy and will help one to break the old patterns of behavior that move one to creating stressful situations in the first place. It is a remarkable clearing and grounding stone, as it breaks up negative thought forms and inclinations, releasing them into the earth for transmuting into more helpful energy.  It is associated with the base and crown chakra, and is helpful in connecting the two, establishing a beautiful synergy between one’s spiritual purpose with one’s physical reality.  It is also a valuable tool for giving purpose and direction to creative energy.  Many healers also use smokey quartz as an aid to offset the effects of radiation.

Next up….Orange.

I found my next baby knitting project.  I was planning on taking a break from knitting baby clothes but then I found this project. Its too much, I’ve got to do it.  So I promptly bought this yarn.  TOO CUTE!!

The yarn looks more like thread than yarn to me.  And the pattern calls for size 4 needles- which look like toothpicks.  Its ambitious, but thats how I roll.

Baby Dress #2

Its finished!!!! after sitting in the state of almost finished for weeks….its finally done.

As you may have noticed- or not, this picture was taken after lunch.  And I happen to think that my model is outstanding.

This is Little Girls Sundress from Knitting Pure and Simple.  Its the second one I’ve made. I love this pattern because it really is quite easy.  For this dress I ended up adding an inch of darker and slightly thicker yarn to the bottom hem and binding off without the row of purl so that it would curl a little.  Which gives the dress a funky Jetson’s-y flare.   I also am working out some Ravelry notes on the projects.

Ahhhh knitting.  How I love knitting.

Pink and Navy

A most wonderful surprise package came in the mail- a couple weeks ago for Mother’s Day.

This is a shadow box gorgeously created by my very own precious sister.  These are pictures of her wedding, honored and treasured in this special box.

I love the colors, the flowers and the butterfly not to mention the captured moments of that special wedding day.

I love you Feffers.

Works in Progress

Here are a few projects that have been in the works ’round here lately….

These are watercolor and marker pictures that I find a lot of joy in making.  Like knitting, they can be picked up and set down whenever I need to.  They are colorful easy-going and light hearted.  They are like the playground of my creative life.

I began a ceramics class a couple of weeks ago.  All I can say about that is it feels like home to me.  I am remembering once again, just how much I love the process of clay, and that it is exactly where I belong.

Some knitting.  And I am always so glad to have these works in progress waiting for me.

A masterpiece in progress, she is a great big collaboration, involving more beings than I could ever know.

And here are some of her current artworks. Yes that first one is on my floor.  I thought I would go ahead and take a picture of it before it got cleaned up. 🙂

and these are only a couple of the sources of inspiration fueling our creative motors.

Crystal Thursday- Amethyst

Crystal Thursday is coming a day late this week.  We are working on night weaning, and it has been a really  huge transition for our little family, and one for the better of course.

So our crystal of the week is……Amethyst!

Amethyst is a member of the crystal quartz family, distinguished by its gorgeous purple hue that is caused by iron traces lodged between the crystal lattice structure.  It forms inside of druzes and geodes and has been found throughout the world but most commonly in Brazil, Mexico, Africa, U.S, and Europe.  This crystal was given its name by a greek myth that tells of when a young maiden, Amethyst, was spared the wrath of Dionysis(the wine god) by being turned into a crystal.  Dionysis was so moved by the beauty of this crystal the he wept purple tears of remorse giving the crystal its color.  “Amethystos” is the Greek word meaning non-inebriated, and this crystal has been renowned for its sobering effects throughout the ages.  Amethyst is a classic meditation tool for it can clear away the mundane chatter of our mind giving us access to the deep wisdom within ourselves.  It bestows a peaceful frame of mind that is valuable to acting for ones true purpose, and from a place of deep inner peace, rather than surrendering to intoxicating desires.  It is helpful in healing addictions, soothing grief and gaining access to the perspective of one’s higher self.

Perfectly, Perfect

Right now is just perfect.

I am not in a wonderful mood

my kitchen is a mess, it is moments away from an ant invasion of epic proportions

my to do list is bigger than my house

I went outside to relax in the sun, and I laid in dog pee.

I haven’t exercised today, or yesterday for that matter

my laundry room is out of sight out of mind. kinda

I have so many dreams

but instead I am sitting

with a mug of ice tea.

Thanking godspirithigherpower for everything

because I have everything I truly need

and that is a whole lot of blessings.


and right now is just perfect.

Crystal Thursday!!!

and how could I forget!!!

It’s Crystal Thursday!!

This week….we will learn all about one of my very most deliciously favorite stones…Garnet.

A lovely bouquet of garnet crystals in a mica matrix.

Garnet is the stone of heroes, lovers, and kings and its history is rich throughout antiquity.  It is the stone that illuminated Noah’s ark through 40 dark nights and it was embedded in the shield’s of warriors to bestow courage and ensure protection.  The varieties of garnet are many, but they have all endured a metamorphic transformation, meaning the mineral once existed as a different mineral and by way of a journey through extreme heat and pressure it has been changed forever.  Garnet reminds us that we are not subject to the limitations of our current life circumstance, but through trial and tribulation we have the opportunity to evolve and grow. This is the stone of commitment whether it be to a lover, a purpose, or a daunting task and garnet gives the endurance and strength of character to see an undertaking through to the end.  Enhancing passion, transforming a negative outlook into a positive exuberance, and turning intention into decisive action is what Garnet inspires.

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