The Universe-ity of Play

The other day I was at our local new-age metaphysical book and gift store, Soundpeace, looking for a Goddess Guidance Oracle deck (yes I am feeling mighty goddess-y these days:))  when I made a most exciting discovery.  A book called “Play” written by Stuart Brown, a man who has spent his career researching play and its signifigance and biological purpose in the lives of all animals and most especially human animals.  He has collected a huge amount of research and evidence on the subject and the overall message is ...”The ability to play is critical not only to being happy, but also to sustaining social relationships and being a creative, innovative person.”

This subject is a dear one to me, being the eager student and ambassador that I am of the Universe-ity of Play, class of Infinity, where I have a double major in Joy and Creative Expression.   The Universe-ity of Play is run by two esteemed Play-ers; Passion and Circumstance.  The curriculum is determined and led by the Heart of each one of its students.  Our teacher communicates to us in our daydreams,  what if’s, soft inner whisperings, and signs (like the *finding* of this book!).  We are not graded on our play, there is no graduation, just a great cycling of deeper understanding of ourselves and our world, and of course more questions.  We are rewarded for putting the full force of our actions into learning and for following our bliss.  There is no judgments, students simply get what they give.

Our school’s mission? That each and every one of its students is fully engaged in, responsible for and in love with their life.

Our motto? Live life in a world of infinite possibilities.

Everyone is welcome to enroll at any moment no matter what other schools they may be attending, no matter what their transcripts say about who they are, everyone is welcome at the Universe-ity.

This school doesn’t too much credit in the world of humans, unless one is talking about small children.   So imagine my delight in finding an entire book with documented scientific evidence that what my soul has been saying is so true for me is absolutely right.  That playing is learning.

In the first chapter of the book, Dr. Brown relays a story told by Sir Ken Robinson of a world famous, rich, and successful dancer who, as a girl, was sent to a doctor when her teachers had told her parents that she was mentally disabled, she did terribly in school and fidgeted.  The Doctor she was sent to sent her out of the room so he could speak to her parents, he played some music for her while she waited and noticed then that she began to sway and move to it to the music.  He told her parents that she was not mentally disabled after all- she was a dancer.

What would a doctor say to her parents nowadays?

Later in the evening after I found this book I happened upon a website that had This Video on it…

It is a brilliant and hilarious talk given by creativity expert (and stand up comedian) himself Sir Ken Robinson!!!

As a woman who’s life was changed, and spirit set free to soar thanks to the simple act of playing and subsequent creating, the work of these 2 men makes me smile.

Nowadays, I am an avid ambassador for the Universe-ity of Play.

“May all our creative dreams heal and illuminate this dear world of ours.” -SARK


1 Comment

  1. martha jewel said,

    May 10, 2010 at 2:25 pm

    I love this! The video was great & I want to read the book he was talking about. Once again, you are throwing open doors & introducing me to ideas & realities I would never have known about if not for your determination to seek out & explore every avenue to living life to the fullest. Thank you.

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