Crystal Thursday!!!

and how could I forget!!!

It’s Crystal Thursday!!

This week….we will learn all about one of my very most deliciously favorite stones…Garnet.

A lovely bouquet of garnet crystals in a mica matrix.

Garnet is the stone of heroes, lovers, and kings and its history is rich throughout antiquity.  It is the stone that illuminated Noah’s ark through 40 dark nights and it was embedded in the shield’s of warriors to bestow courage and ensure protection.  The varieties of garnet are many, but they have all endured a metamorphic transformation, meaning the mineral once existed as a different mineral and by way of a journey through extreme heat and pressure it has been changed forever.  Garnet reminds us that we are not subject to the limitations of our current life circumstance, but through trial and tribulation we have the opportunity to evolve and grow. This is the stone of commitment whether it be to a lover, a purpose, or a daunting task and garnet gives the endurance and strength of character to see an undertaking through to the end.  Enhancing passion, transforming a negative outlook into a positive exuberance, and turning intention into decisive action is what Garnet inspires.


1 Comment

  1. Mom said,

    May 14, 2010 at 9:06 pm

    I think you are made of garnet, honey:) love, Mom

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