Baby Dress #2

Its finished!!!! after sitting in the state of almost finished for weeks….its finally done.

As you may have noticed- or not, this picture was taken after lunch.  And I happen to think that my model is outstanding.

This is Little Girls Sundress from Knitting Pure and Simple.  Its the second one I’ve made. I love this pattern because it really is quite easy.  For this dress I ended up adding an inch of darker and slightly thicker yarn to the bottom hem and binding off without the row of purl so that it would curl a little.  Which gives the dress a funky Jetson’s-y flare.   I also am working out some Ravelry notes on the projects.

Ahhhh knitting.  How I love knitting.


1 Comment

  1. May 26, 2010 at 1:48 pm

    This dress is adorable! I am so happy you love to knit. It may come and go, but I know you’ll love it forever. GGma

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