Middle of July

Tonight I began to write a blog post with gritty (whining) details of the last 2 weeks- which have seriously been some of the most challenging of my adult life.

Instead I am posting a photo diary of sorts of some of the brighter moments, the peices that made this time a most excellent adventure.  After all, there is always a silver lining, always a shining side to let in if we are willing to see it.  I think its worth mentioning that I am by no means an *always look on the bright side- always smiling always happy* kinda girl.  This week was trying and I had some real *I’m just gonna sit right here on the couch and cry* moments as well.  Luckily, no one had a camera.

Pictured above….

*radiant sunsets gracing our evenings

*a bowling tournament of epic proportions, complete with chest bumping, strikes and turkeys, in which I somehow drank waaaaaay too much wine (ahem)and still managed to win!!!

*family trip to the strip, a gourmet brunch at Mesa Grill, a quick shopping excursion, and finally….

*the best darned rendition of “I’m Too Sexy” to have been performed at the best darned family reunion to happen in Vegas.  I would post the video, but as you may have heard what happens in Vegas……

*a sleeping baby.  These days that is worth mentioning let me tell you.

*a smiling sitting happy baby bathed in warm sugary orange sunshine, also worth mentioning 🙂

*Chickens!!! Ever tried to photograph a chicken?  not easy.


There you have it!  My crazyawesomefreakishlybusysleeplessstressfuldivinelyguidedandsoveryveryblessed middle of July.

We made it!!!!


Kitchen Love

I am pretty excited about our new kitchen its big, its open.  It has concrete counter tops and an island bigger that our dining room table.  Yum! I am feeling seriously inspired to cook.

Oh and the sink is Cora’s new bathtub.

So today we went to the farmers market and got a bunch of beets!!!

Then I used this wonderful recipe for beet and beet green salad.  I have made this salad several times and it is a terrific way to use beets and their greens.  Not to mention its extremely nutritious.

This is me toasting pumpkin seeds…..

quick boiling greens….


One Teeny Moment at a Time

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.  The secret of getting started is breaking down your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting with the first one”  -Mark Twain

Our first night here in this new home I looked out over the fields of boxes and chaos and felt very overwhelmed.  I picked up a single clothespin off of the kitchen counter and thought, “Well, I know that this goes in the laundry room.”  And then I took it there.

I don’t feel as though I’ve progressed much more than that clothes pin- but I probably have.  And such are my days.  One tiny single peice at time I will get this puzzle put together.

This blog post comes to you as my little motivational pep talk in the face of a very complex and overwhelming task.

Today I spare you a picture.


This is our living room window.  And yes, those are 2 horses grazing right outside, my new friends, Rozzy and Rocket.   They are probly wondering why I am constantly gawking at them.  And I am wondering how on earth I am ever going to spend enough time inside of my new home to get it all put together.

I am in total awe of my new surroundings.  It is beautiful here.  The horses are magnificent.  Actually, I don’t know how to describe my feelings that I have about them.  My heart swells up with wonder and enchantment.

I am in heaven.

In between.

Well hello there friends!  We got back from our Las Vegas Family Reunion Extravaganza just a few hours ago. 

We had a blast.  Seriously, I had no idea I was really capable of totally enjoying Las Vegas (noise, crowds, gambling…not really my thing)  But between spending time with dearly missed family members, bowling, swimming, a hot(understatement!) trip to the strip, and an all ages dance party/buffet, I really had a fantastic time. 

I wish I was posting pictures, but alas, I am writing on my beloved mother in laws computer, and the location of my usb cord is unbeknownst to me.  It could be in one of the many boxes that sit waiting to be unpacked in our new house (eee!!!)  or it could be jumbled in one of the many piles waiting to be packed and cleaned up and moved at the old house (ugh.)

As for us, Home is Nana’s house tonight, as we rest up for the Big move tomorrow.

To Be of Service

It’s almost midnight, and I can’t sleep.  I have this post swimming around in my head and I think that it just needs to be written right now. 

I am realizing that one of the most significant life lessons I have learned is about the opportunity to serve the people in our lives. 

This lesson began several years ago when our beloved and majestic dog Kailas passed away very suddenly one night.  Amidst the deep sorrow, and total shock of our loss I couldn’t help but feel so fortunate to have been one of the people in this lifetime to not only know him, but to have had the great privilege to take care of him.  Without me feeding, brushing, and walking him he would not have thrived.  I don’t mean to make the point of  “aren’t I so wonderful..”  I mean to make the point “What an honor that I got to be the one to make the life of this radiant and wonderful being better, of all the people in this world it got to be me.  How lucky!”

Now that I am a mother and a wife, there are many many things about life that I am learning.  But one thing that I am quite shocked to learn is that it is a ridiculous blessing to have people in one’s life to take care of.  It is a huge privilege to have people who need your help, who count on you to take care of them.  And whatever it is that I give  to them is returned to me in unfathomable quantities. 

I must confess, I am by no means a perfect mom, really I’m not a talented housekeeper.  I often do the bare minimum and occasionally not even that.  I have lazy moments, and selfish moments.   I avoid dishes and sometimes we pull clean clothes to wear for the day out of the dryer.   And I honestly feel that I am more often the recipient of others generosity than I am the giver.  I’d like to work on that.

But my husband still treats me like a queen, my baby thinks I’m the center of the universe, and my sweet dog worships the ground I walk on.  And they, all three of them, pour warm sugary love into and all over my morning, noon, and nights.  And every day that I wake up, I am surrounded by that love.  Every day I wake up to a grand purpose, to help the practical mechanics of our daily lives ticking away.  It may be boring sometimes, it may be unglamorous, but someone needs to do it, and that someone gets to be me.  But it is no sacrifice that my services are needed.  To be of service to these incredible beings along their journey means that I have their presence and their support along in mine.  And that is one big giant swirl of cycling, reciprocating love.

What a blessing indeed!

Finding Things

Amidst this crazy crazy week of mine I am finding some hidden blessings.  Actually, I am seeking out those hidden blessings because I may loose it if I don’t.  Did I mention that we are going to Las Vegas on Thursday?  Oh and that we are moving?  Ya, I’m sure I did. I’ve found this blog space to be one of those blessings right now.  Its funny how sometimes it can feel like a “to-do” that I can’t quite handle fitting in sometimes, and then others, like now, it feels like a to-do that I just really look forward to, like a place to pause and have a little fun.  So thank you blog space, I really need you right now.

As I was packing today I came across this pair of pants I made for Cora last year.  As a new mother and a new sewer I thought “well I’ll just make these 2 sizes too big and roll em up or pin them or something until she’s grown into them”  Obviously that was silly.  So I put them away and completely forgot about them until today!!!  And now they are the perfect size!! In retrospect, I would probly never again make white pants for an 18 month old.  There really is no need to chastise myself over that decision, but do you see how I try anyway?  Jeez.  The fabric is Heather Ross, and the pattern is one I found at my local fabric store, Fabric of Vision

Another find of the day is this list entitled 100 Things I Love.  I think I wrote it a little over a year or so ago.  Its a timely find- to remember that there are 100 things that I love, instead of 100 things that I …um don’t love.

Now what compelled me to write this list?  Who knows, but it was a ton of fun to find.  I especially got a kick out of #27. Having hope for a new era.  Whatever that means that I will try to remember that I do now still amidst the craziness have hope for a new era:)

Speaking of…want a sneak preview of our new era?

Thought so.

This is our garden and the view outside of our new home.

Getting Closer!

Amidst the busyness of summertime, a Las Vegas family reunion, AND a move to the countryside all happening this week, I have thoroughly been enjoying having this sweet little project to sit with each night.  Its tiny stitches knit in the round make for a wonderful rhythm in which I get to rock, slowly creating without all the pressure and thought/soul energy that creating can require.  When it is finished, my baby girl (I know not so much a baby anymore huh?) will have a mama made pair of orange knit overalls.  The ridiculously cute pattern is from The Purl Bee, and as you may notice I am getting to the more complicated/ advanced/ ambitious portion of it.  Wish me luck!!!

this moment

“{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember….”

This is a Soulemama inspired ritual, oh how I ADORE Soulemama.  

Crystal Thursday- Quartz Crystal

Quartz crystal

Quartz, Rock Crystal
Quartz crystals have been regarded by many cultures throughout time as sacred objects of magic and healing.  The Ancient Japanese believed quartz crystals to represent perfection as they were formed from the breath of a white dragon.  Today, modern science has named the vibratory properties of quartz the piezoelectric effect and is utilizing these powers in watches, radios, computers, and sonar technology amongst other things.  Quartz crystals are used in both scientific and metaphysical applications for enhancement, amplification, transmission, and focusing of energy.  They are powerful crystals to employ in healing, manifestation, prayer, and meditation as their power to intensify our thoughts and the vibrational functions of other minerals is celebrated by crystal enthusiasts.  Quartz inspires a tendency to transmute negative into positive, and its natural inclination towards harmony can expand your capacity toward the same.  Rock crystals are created hydrothermally, in clefts and druses out of a pure silicic acid solution.  They are a primary formation with a trigonal crystal structure.

The above paragraph is the one I wrote to hand out to customers at our store.  There is so much more information about crystals than I could fit into a paragraph, and in fact many qualities about the crystals and what they are able to teach us cannot even be put into words.  They must be felt, must be experienced as subtle sensations within the body.   In fact, I believe this action alone, this sitting still and paying deep attention to the sensations, the energies and feelings present inside is the primary gift of working with crystals.  This sitting and paying attention is an extraordinary method of strengthening one’s intuitive abilities.  The next time you have a chance, just sit still with a crystal.  Close your eyes, and check into your body.  What sensations are coming up?  What messages do you feel?

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