Crystal Thursday- Quartz Crystal

Quartz crystal

Quartz, Rock Crystal
Quartz crystals have been regarded by many cultures throughout time as sacred objects of magic and healing.  The Ancient Japanese believed quartz crystals to represent perfection as they were formed from the breath of a white dragon.  Today, modern science has named the vibratory properties of quartz the piezoelectric effect and is utilizing these powers in watches, radios, computers, and sonar technology amongst other things.  Quartz crystals are used in both scientific and metaphysical applications for enhancement, amplification, transmission, and focusing of energy.  They are powerful crystals to employ in healing, manifestation, prayer, and meditation as their power to intensify our thoughts and the vibrational functions of other minerals is celebrated by crystal enthusiasts.  Quartz inspires a tendency to transmute negative into positive, and its natural inclination towards harmony can expand your capacity toward the same.  Rock crystals are created hydrothermally, in clefts and druses out of a pure silicic acid solution.  They are a primary formation with a trigonal crystal structure.

The above paragraph is the one I wrote to hand out to customers at our store.  There is so much more information about crystals than I could fit into a paragraph, and in fact many qualities about the crystals and what they are able to teach us cannot even be put into words.  They must be felt, must be experienced as subtle sensations within the body.   In fact, I believe this action alone, this sitting still and paying deep attention to the sensations, the energies and feelings present inside is the primary gift of working with crystals.  This sitting and paying attention is an extraordinary method of strengthening one’s intuitive abilities.  The next time you have a chance, just sit still with a crystal.  Close your eyes, and check into your body.  What sensations are coming up?  What messages do you feel?


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