Finding Things

Amidst this crazy crazy week of mine I am finding some hidden blessings.  Actually, I am seeking out those hidden blessings because I may loose it if I don’t.  Did I mention that we are going to Las Vegas on Thursday?  Oh and that we are moving?  Ya, I’m sure I did. I’ve found this blog space to be one of those blessings right now.  Its funny how sometimes it can feel like a “to-do” that I can’t quite handle fitting in sometimes, and then others, like now, it feels like a to-do that I just really look forward to, like a place to pause and have a little fun.  So thank you blog space, I really need you right now.

As I was packing today I came across this pair of pants I made for Cora last year.  As a new mother and a new sewer I thought “well I’ll just make these 2 sizes too big and roll em up or pin them or something until she’s grown into them”  Obviously that was silly.  So I put them away and completely forgot about them until today!!!  And now they are the perfect size!! In retrospect, I would probly never again make white pants for an 18 month old.  There really is no need to chastise myself over that decision, but do you see how I try anyway?  Jeez.  The fabric is Heather Ross, and the pattern is one I found at my local fabric store, Fabric of Vision

Another find of the day is this list entitled 100 Things I Love.  I think I wrote it a little over a year or so ago.  Its a timely find- to remember that there are 100 things that I love, instead of 100 things that I …um don’t love.

Now what compelled me to write this list?  Who knows, but it was a ton of fun to find.  I especially got a kick out of #27. Having hope for a new era.  Whatever that means that I will try to remember that I do now still amidst the craziness have hope for a new era:)

Speaking of…want a sneak preview of our new era?

Thought so.

This is our garden and the view outside of our new home.



  1. Martha Jewel said,

    July 15, 2010 at 3:56 pm

    Isn’t it fun to find things from another time? Even something simple from the recent past can show us how quickly we are changing.

  2. July 20, 2010 at 1:39 am

    The pants are gorgeous 🙂 I love your list of things you love!! . . .I think I’ll make one too to look at at times when feel like the world isn’t somewhere I enjoy being. Your upcoming move is very exciting! I’ll enjoy reading about your experiences and seeing the photos.

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