To Be of Service

It’s almost midnight, and I can’t sleep.  I have this post swimming around in my head and I think that it just needs to be written right now. 

I am realizing that one of the most significant life lessons I have learned is about the opportunity to serve the people in our lives. 

This lesson began several years ago when our beloved and majestic dog Kailas passed away very suddenly one night.  Amidst the deep sorrow, and total shock of our loss I couldn’t help but feel so fortunate to have been one of the people in this lifetime to not only know him, but to have had the great privilege to take care of him.  Without me feeding, brushing, and walking him he would not have thrived.  I don’t mean to make the point of  “aren’t I so wonderful..”  I mean to make the point “What an honor that I got to be the one to make the life of this radiant and wonderful being better, of all the people in this world it got to be me.  How lucky!”

Now that I am a mother and a wife, there are many many things about life that I am learning.  But one thing that I am quite shocked to learn is that it is a ridiculous blessing to have people in one’s life to take care of.  It is a huge privilege to have people who need your help, who count on you to take care of them.  And whatever it is that I give  to them is returned to me in unfathomable quantities. 

I must confess, I am by no means a perfect mom, really I’m not a talented housekeeper.  I often do the bare minimum and occasionally not even that.  I have lazy moments, and selfish moments.   I avoid dishes and sometimes we pull clean clothes to wear for the day out of the dryer.   And I honestly feel that I am more often the recipient of others generosity than I am the giver.  I’d like to work on that.

But my husband still treats me like a queen, my baby thinks I’m the center of the universe, and my sweet dog worships the ground I walk on.  And they, all three of them, pour warm sugary love into and all over my morning, noon, and nights.  And every day that I wake up, I am surrounded by that love.  Every day I wake up to a grand purpose, to help the practical mechanics of our daily lives ticking away.  It may be boring sometimes, it may be unglamorous, but someone needs to do it, and that someone gets to be me.  But it is no sacrifice that my services are needed.  To be of service to these incredible beings along their journey means that I have their presence and their support along in mine.  And that is one big giant swirl of cycling, reciprocating love.

What a blessing indeed!


1 Comment

  1. Martha Jewel said,

    July 15, 2010 at 3:46 pm

    I really believe that whatever you send, you receive mucho mas!

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