Crystal Thursday- The Shiva Lingam

I’m quite aware that it has been some time since I have posted a Crystal Thursday.  I am proudly playing the do more things badly card and hereby declare myself an imperfectionist.  Just in case anyone had a different idea about me. 🙂

I do however look forward to getting back into the rhythm of celebrating the precious kings and queens of the mineral kingdom here each week.

Without further ado, I present a stone most exotic and imbued with historical and spiritual significance. The Shiva Lingam.

The Shiva Lingam is a cryptocrystalline quartz that comes from the Narmada River in India, one of India’s seven holy sites.  The forces of this sacred river tumble the stones into their unique elliptical shape. The stones are gathered by villagers during the dry season once a year, hand polished and then sealed using ancient formulas of waxes and oils.  Shiva means “auspiciciousness” and “linga” means sign or symbol, and these stones are a devotional symbol to the Hindu God Shiva.  The symbolism of this stone is teeming with depth and meaning in the Hindu tradition as well as the modern metaphysical application of this stone.  These stones contain the union of male and female energies; the unusual shape of the stone representing both the cosmic egg from which all of creation is born as well as the male phalice, the active and intentional force of creation.  The red coloring in the stone represents feminine powers that inspire the act of creation.  The shiva lingam symbolizes the power of unifying polarities, embodies the powerful vibration of Mother Earth, and stimulates the forces of kundalini activation.  It encourages loving acceptance towards other ways of being, expanding our willingness to integrate our own shadows with the light of conciousness.



  1. marthajewel said,

    August 5, 2010 at 1:31 pm

    Love this post! I’ve always been curious about lingams. They are so unusual and misunderstood. Thanks for the crash course.

  2. Mom said,

    August 8, 2010 at 9:38 pm

    These are beautiful. . . even more so after reading about them. Love you–Ma

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