Crystal Thursday- Crystal Magic

Today, I am working in our little treasure box of a crystal shop sitting here wondering how I can possibly begin to put into words the profound experience of crystal healing.  It feels like I am setting out to capture a rainbow. (Ironically that is something that crystals are prolific at doing, maybe I should just ask them?)

Iceland Spar- calcite
I have experienced crystals in many different ways.  For me they are enchanting, beautiful, soothing, energizing, fascinating, and precious.  But there is even more to their magic and beauty than meets the eye, or even the heart.  Crystals have the remarkable ability to heal, support, connect, inspire, and ignite passions within us.  The magic of crystals is subtle, but it is profound
Crystals become activated by our willingness to become transformed by them. When we hold a crystal or even stand near one and become silent inside we enter vibrational conversation.  They speak to us and we respond.  Not in words but through sensations they transmit ideas that are pure and whole and in sync with universal truth and with universal order. Our stories are transmitted and the messages that get sent back to us are the gems of our experiences.  We learn that in the painful moments of our lives that there is always an opportunity for transformation.  We can re-vision our hardships until they are no longer problems, no longer blockages but perfect building blocks of a solid and wise foundation of now.
The crystals themselves are molecular structures fitting together in perfect formations, formations following universal laws of creation.  Like all objects of matter, they have an emanation, an aura, as do we.  It is here that our paths cross with the crystals.  It is here that we relate to them.  They are a bridge to a more perfect union with the divine order of creation. They support vibrations of perfect order, they hold the light when we feel dark.  Our energy, our vibrations can absorb and mimic that of the crystal.  They teach us lessons of sacred geometry and they give us a window into what it can feel like to be in sync with the vibrations of the universe.

1 Comment

  1. marthajewel said,

    August 20, 2010 at 11:08 pm

    That is a dazzling picture of the Iceland Spar and your writing is so beautiful, even the biggest skeptic would be inspired to delve deeper into the mystery of crystals.

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