Blogging Hiatus

You may have noticed (or not ūüôā ) that my posts are coming up fewer and further between. ¬†I am feeling a need to take a break from blogging for the time being. ¬†Mostly I am feeling stretched fairly thin these days, and I am beginning to realize the key to being productive- or lets say effective is focus. ¬†I would like to concentrate my efforts on some of big projects that I am undertaking, including a blog for ¬†Im not gonna stop blogging here, I am more or less officially taking it off that heavy scale called “things I need to do” that lives in my brain, and causes that overwhelm feeling that I don’t really need- who does!

So I’ll be back because this place, this space really does give me great support, and provides an amazing outlet. ¬†So stay tuned and until we meet (here) again!!!


Woulda Coulda Shoulda

You know those moments where someone says something and you respond only to walk away and think of all the other responses you should have said that would have been so much better?

Well of course you do we all have those moments, only I had a cyber version of one of those moments yesterday.

See I was entering in this giveaway for this seriously awesome e-book session thingy that I know will change my life forever and being the eager hasty me that I am I rapidly filled out my answers and then pushed post. ¬†Shit. ¬†Why couldn’t I have waited?!?!

So I decided if only for my own silly self-gratification I’d like to answer again please. ¬†Right here cuz its my blog and I can do what I want to.

Your Name:Amanda Higgins
twitter: don’t

a) Give us a quote that explains how you see life.

Leap and the net will appear (I stand by that one! ūüôā
b) What’s wrong with the world?

c) What does the world need more of?

bare feet and gardens
d) What’s one great businesses idea you wished you thought of?

Still Etsy
e) Name 3 people you admire and 1 word on each of them to describe why.

My Man, honesty, My grandpa, subtlety, My daughter, heavenly
f) What’s your cocktail line?

I live a gorgeous life with gratitude. ¬†I’m a Mama, ceramic artist, writer.

g) What does/will your business bring to the world?

Inspiration bulging with love.

h) What problem do you solve for people?

i) What are your current or intended revenue streams?

Currently crystals, intended? I think the possibilities are endless.
j) What did you used to believe that you now think is silly?

(Same answer) That what others think define me.  I know now that I define me.
k) What’s your biggest entrepreneurial obstacle, and how will The FSS help you turn it to ashes?

Lack of focus and self-confidence,  It will help me dive into the depths of my soul and return with some nuggets of gold.
l) What chapter in The FSS do you want to read first?

Identity and Branding
m) For you, what word is interchangeable with “success”?

n) What’s one business question you’d like to ask me?

How to balance being a Mama and being a business.

So there you go.  Do I feel better? Hmm just kind of.  Woulda coulda shoulda.

Tour of Artworks

I have been wanting a post of art pieces all compiled into one place. ¬†Mostly for reasons of personal creative perspective. ¬†I have heard at some point in time a saying about knowing where you are going by seeing where you’ve been. ¬†So, I thought we could all take a tour of some (just some) of the artworks created in the last couple of years. ¬†Its funny because I don’t consider the last couple of years to be a time of huge productivity in the art department of life, but apparently some things did get made.

A fairly old painting that marked the end of my wild scribbling with paint era. ¬†This painting was informally titled “The Vagina” ¬†Looking at it now I believe its may be upside down. ¬†Actually, I could never decide which direction it should hang.

A bird.  Watercolor and marker.

A collection of tiny vases and fairy houses.  At first glance these appear to be successful pieces, but in fact they were all a part of a tragic kiln accident in which the temperature was held too high for too long.  Every single piece fired in the kiln (and its a big kiln, this was months of work) was melted to the shelves, and subsequently ruined.  But everything is a blessing, and this was a vivid lesson.  I payed a mighty tuition that day to the gods of the kiln.  I also now have an excellent and highly experienced mentor to hold my hand through sacred kiln firing.Some fun sketches.  Paper-dancing, I like to call it.

A petal? ¬†Or an updated version of La Vajeena? ¬†(the j is silent) ¬†Created in my recent wildly goddess phase, that I’m still in. ¬†Though the phase has morphed into an angel/insect phase, photos coming soon, and boy I bet you can’t wait!!

These two are paintings I made while sitting my big ole pregnant butt on the couch waiting for my baby to be born. ¬†Its a little wild how the feel of them is so very different from each other yet the subject matter is essentially the same. ¬†Also funny how I never noticed the similarity until now! ¬†The pictures remind me of the tarot card “The Hanged Man” ¬†how fitting that is for being pregnant, surrendering to a situation one cannot change or get out of.

And here is one of the first things I made after Cora was born. ¬†Back in the days when she would sleep for about 22 hours a day. ¬†It wasn’t long before she didn’t sleep all day long and she needed her mama all day long. ¬†But I also know thanks to the bagillion people who remind me constantly that her needing me all day long goes by too fast as well. Before I know it she and I will both be enjoying clay time! ¬†(and do already thought she has a slightly shorter attention span for it than I do.)

“Ode to the Squash Blossom” ¬† Oh how those beauties made my heart soar this summer. ¬†I made this painting recently. ¬†And it makes me wonder why I keep trying to paint in acrylics when I so clearly am much more at home with the whole watercolor/ marker combo. ¬†But I just keep trying.

And anywhooo… these days, weeks, months have really been all about the ceramics studio. ¬†Very soon I’ll have a whole bunch of pictures to post here all about it. ¬†In the meantime, a couple of sneak peaks…