Dear Blog(again),

I fear I left you without the full story of “This Little Family Goes To Alabama.”  It is a riveting story in which we ride 2 airplanes then land in the red dirt part of the country and in Nana and Papa’s arms.  It was gorgeous and warm the whole time we were there and we managed to jam pack in a Thanksgiving dinner, walks on the mountain, snuggling with Tj the “titty-tat,”  Several slow drives past our beloved old home and gleeful discovery that a sentimental art piece still lives on the porch.  We ate biscuits and gravy, grits, cornbread dressing and bacon stewed green beans.  We took lots and lots of baths, cuz we don’t have a bathtub and Maw and Paw do.   We sat through numerous Twinkle twinkle little star concerts sung by a pixie child like no other.  We left that little singing pixie with her Nana and my man took me out on the town to a fancy grilled lettuce kinda meal.  It was gooooooood.  The whole trip was a lot of beautiful busy days.

And then we came home…..and that story is all about how winter moved to town while we were gone.  The last pretty leaves are now mulching into the earth, and I am in full blown nesting mode.  I even sewed curtains (I told you).  Right now I am hunkering down into wintertime and getting cozy.



Power of Myth

We’ve been in Alabama for a week now.  Its a whole different world here compared to the alternate universe that where we live.  One of the most shocking experiences for me is watching T.V.  Something that is not a big part of my life normally. 

I am surprised by how different my viewpoint of life, and of who we are as a people, a culture and a nation are as compared to who we are told we are on T.V.  In my world view, we are powerful creators bringing to Earth the majesty of Heaven.  We are worthy of worshipping the ground we walk on(and the ground we walk on is worthy of worship in its  own right).  We are people with hope, vision, and motivation.  We are crazy blessed with the best food on the planet and the power to cultivate strength in our bodies and minds.  Our Earth has given us everything we have ever had and have ever needed, and still does in spite of everything.  There is truly nothing we need outside of ourselves beside the love and support of one another.  We are harmonious and considerate, and working toward an ideal of tolerance and uncompromising compassion for each other, and a gentle and grateful relationship to Mother Earth.     We have the power to actualize utopia on this planet and then dance the night away in celebration of ourselves and each other.

However, according to television, we are in serious danger.   The threat of terrorists, gangbangers, liberals, bacteria, drunks, loss, dirty dishes, fashion police, wrinkles and fat are lurking around every corner and we cannot be happy until we have thrown money at every single problem.  The solution to these and many more threats is on sale 30% off the day after Thanksgiving or available as a perscription from your Doctor.  The good life is lived in a large beige house in front of  a screen. No need to leave your house whatsoever, because as we know it is a dangerous world outside and electronic products have cut out the pesky nessesity of the great outdoors.  One can play golf, go running, dance, and read thier baby a bedtime story on a screen.    Any discomfort in your life (and boy there really IS a whole lot to complain about!) can be solved by buying something, except of course for the threat of terrorists. Not only will buying things sove all of your problems, but it is also the greatest joy that life has to offer as well.  The more you buy, the better and safer your life will be. 

I don’t expect too much of T’V but I am surprised by the story it is telling.  Many people live in fear of things that don’t have very much actual realistic threat.  (odds of dying in a terrorist attack: 1 in 25 million, odds of getting struck by lightning 1 in 500,00) I wonder how many people are letting T’V tell them the story of thier world, especially when the actual day to day reality doesn’t exactly match up.  That is the real threat.  To remain powerless, afraid, disconnected, and moderately entertained by a bunch of crazy strangers (and these people are seriously insane!).  To let ones values be set by a false truth out of alignment with the laws of nature.  I hope we wake up, that we see that we have the power of our own myths, and the power to paint our own picture, and to create our own truths. 

 “When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you.”

Dear Blog,

I’ve missed you.  And that is a good thing.  This past week we have been visiting family in Alabama and I’ve showed you to everyone, mostly for the purposed of showing pictures of our life and it was oh so helpful.  But it made me realize that I really do love coming here to post our pictures and talk about my life.  Its helpful to digest what is going on, and to honor projects completed.  There are so many things that I want to do, and many of them may or may not get done.  That list may change as my needs and inspiration shifts, but writing is something that is always therapeutic no matter what.  One of the greatest intentions of this blog has been to provide a public writing space, to draw out a different voice than I know in my journals.  Its a lighthearted, no pressure space to write, in safety and freedom. 

A lot has happened since I’ve been here and then again, somehow life is still just the same old gorgeous steady rythm of baby sweetness.  I’ve made a lot of ceramics and that area of my creative garden is in full bloom.  In fact it has been getting the most of my attention besides Cora.  On the horizon, is a beautiful future of bellydance taught by a new dear fellow Mama friend, which will provide much needed connection with other women and with my body.  I have realized that I have been putting care for my body too far down on the list and I simply cannot be happy without lots of movement in my life. 

Since I haven’t been writing here, I haven’t been writing.  And I feel like I am not using a valuable tool.  But I have been reading and processing life in different ways.   When the season changes and the earth gets cold, the viels thin and shadows begin to show themselves.  Its beautiful, vivid but its so intense.  I have been feeling deeply.  I have been feeling and healing things that have really just been needing the time and space to be felt and healed.  Sometimes I don’t know how to be a public person when this is going on.  But I know that is just fine, and beautiful and mature to give heavy feelings an appropriate moment. 

Now, I am lighter, and I am so looking forward to the future, this busy holiday season, my ceramic show, a bellydance performance, a weekly hoop jam, Cora’s birthday, baking and making in warm cozy home.   I also have a illogical desire to make a quilt tugging at my heartstrings.  And I ask, what on earth am I doing wanting to make a quilt?!?!  But projects excite me, hobbies are my reason for being, and the idea of creating a practical (and otherwise expensive) object that will drape my child in a fluffy embrace of warmth and made by Mama love?  I guess its not so illogical afterall.  It just may be sensible.