Power of Myth

We’ve been in Alabama for a week now.  Its a whole different world here compared to the alternate universe that where we live.  One of the most shocking experiences for me is watching T.V.  Something that is not a big part of my life normally. 

I am surprised by how different my viewpoint of life, and of who we are as a people, a culture and a nation are as compared to who we are told we are on T.V.  In my world view, we are powerful creators bringing to Earth the majesty of Heaven.  We are worthy of worshipping the ground we walk on(and the ground we walk on is worthy of worship in its  own right).  We are people with hope, vision, and motivation.  We are crazy blessed with the best food on the planet and the power to cultivate strength in our bodies and minds.  Our Earth has given us everything we have ever had and have ever needed, and still does in spite of everything.  There is truly nothing we need outside of ourselves beside the love and support of one another.  We are harmonious and considerate, and working toward an ideal of tolerance and uncompromising compassion for each other, and a gentle and grateful relationship to Mother Earth.     We have the power to actualize utopia on this planet and then dance the night away in celebration of ourselves and each other.

However, according to television, we are in serious danger.   The threat of terrorists, gangbangers, liberals, bacteria, drunks, loss, dirty dishes, fashion police, wrinkles and fat are lurking around every corner and we cannot be happy until we have thrown money at every single problem.  The solution to these and many more threats is on sale 30% off the day after Thanksgiving or available as a perscription from your Doctor.  The good life is lived in a large beige house in front of  a screen. No need to leave your house whatsoever, because as we know it is a dangerous world outside and electronic products have cut out the pesky nessesity of the great outdoors.  One can play golf, go running, dance, and read thier baby a bedtime story on a screen.    Any discomfort in your life (and boy there really IS a whole lot to complain about!) can be solved by buying something, except of course for the threat of terrorists. Not only will buying things sove all of your problems, but it is also the greatest joy that life has to offer as well.  The more you buy, the better and safer your life will be. 

I don’t expect too much of T’V but I am surprised by the story it is telling.  Many people live in fear of things that don’t have very much actual realistic threat.  (odds of dying in a terrorist attack: 1 in 25 million, odds of getting struck by lightning 1 in 500,00) I wonder how many people are letting T’V tell them the story of thier world, especially when the actual day to day reality doesn’t exactly match up.  That is the real threat.  To remain powerless, afraid, disconnected, and moderately entertained by a bunch of crazy strangers (and these people are seriously insane!).  To let ones values be set by a false truth out of alignment with the laws of nature.  I hope we wake up, that we see that we have the power of our own myths, and the power to paint our own picture, and to create our own truths. 

 “When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you.”



  1. martha jewel said,

    November 14, 2010 at 1:53 pm

    No wonder CoCo is such a smart girl. She has a wise & wonderful Mommy who is raising her to think for herself & trust her instincts rather than letting the “world” be her mentor.

  2. Melissa said,

    February 19, 2011 at 1:23 am

    Yes! Yes! Yes!
    Freaking smitten with your words here! So sane! So real! Ho!

    There are some shows that I enjoy being entertained by the on the box but you have summed up so eloquently the farce of investing one’s power into the reality sold by a spiritually culture.

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