I Want it All.

Its true.

Its January here,(for you too huh?)  and for me that means I suddenly need to (quickly!), before the months ends become perfect.  Okay, I realize it just aint gonna happen again this year, but it’s still worth a try I think.

January for me is the month that I take a big life survey and figure out all the things I want to make awesome, achieve, organize, focus on, ect.ect.ect

It’s the month that I decide my entire house must be thoroughly  organized.  This year I have placed the added pressure that it also be completely functional. Its my new buzz word, my new house organizing mantra.  And not such a bad word if you knew how dearly I really do need a functional house, what with the ginormous portion of action I have on my plate.

There’s the 2-year-old(she’s 2! can you believe it!) that needs to be fed, clothed, and entertained on a daily basis no less.  There’s a dream studio with 100 lbs of clay just waiting to get all over my overalls.   A garden that will need a bit of tending in only a short couple of months.  My dream of writing about crystals for our store, having our business’ website become an action packed stop on the information super highway(I’m a dork I know)  There’s belly dance and hoop dance!  There is the oh so special sacred Date night!!  And Mom’s group. And Music Together. And then of course there is this sweet little space, my blog.  I also have a few sewing and knitting projects in mind.  I want to bake.  And eat more raw foods.  And of course lose weight.  And a night out with some girlfriends would be nice too.  Pretty please?!


You can definitely see how a functional household is in order here.

In an overwhelmed and exhausted moment I decided to go cool my jets and take a few deep breaths in the shower.  (We don’t have a bathtub)  And it hit me!!!  There are some very wonderfully symbiotic relationships between a great deal of these activities.  Cora needs to eat, I want to bake!  She needs entertaining, I need to spend time in the garden!  Gardens make raw food for me!  and they are a lot of work which provides excercise!  Ceramics makes me stiff and sore, I have regular movement classes at night with girlfriends!  And so on.

The bottom line is that I am beginning to see a fuzzy out of focus picture of how it can really all come together.  And something tells me to keep coming to this space for what its worth, to share, that this space is also an important piece of this great big dream puzzle.


1 Comment

  1. Martha Jewel said,

    January 9, 2011 at 5:19 pm

    When you figure out how to “do it all”, your next project will be to write a book about how you did it and share your magic with millions of other women. Isn’t it amazing how the simple act of writing about a problem can unblock your brain and things start to click? I love it when that happens. The main thing,( advice from your barely-functioning mother-in-law) is to not beat yourself up when you don’t live up to your own high standards.

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