Self Portraits of a 2 Year old

During our recent move Cora spent a good deal of time playing and exploring the car. (after a good toddler proofing of course).  Surely I am not the first desperate parent to utilize the car as babysitter!

And as life has finally settled back down I was delighted to discover a series of self portraits done by my precious girl on my camera which was apparently in the car
.  Enjoy!

Full Moon Face with Two Year old Teeth

Pretty Lips



Mama Forgot to Clean my Face

My Shoes

Precious, hilarious this girl of mine.


I’m Baaaaack!!!!!

Yup.  I have been feeling a giant pull to blog again.  Hooray!!!  And I’ve also decided that I can skip the whole “God I suck that I haven’t been here since March”  routine that I normally go through.  I needed a(nother) break and that is perfectly ok.

So what have I been up to these last 5 somethin’ months?   I’d love to catch ya’ll up.

The usual really.

I made some stuff. (Oh and bought a cello 🙂 )

I washed a bunch of dishes.  Though I bet you did too!

Recieved an epic inheritance.  This here is a quilt impeccably made by my Great-great-great grandmother, to be cherished by me and passed on to Cora.  It is breathtaking.

I built a few castles….

Baked at least once.

Grew things from seeds, and made a generous contribution to the community of ground squirrels….

Enjoyed a few rainbows….

Celebrated the coming birth of a brand new baby….and then was honored by the privilege to watch my friend transform from maiden to mother as she birthed her baby like a goddess into this world.

Was struck by the realization that mine is not such a baby anymore, as I nursed her for the last time.

Took lots

And lots

and lots of pictures of crystals, as we are getting our Ebay store set up!

We changed the name of our shop……

(and are working on a new website! )

And I even got to go on a solo retreat.  That’s right…all by myself!!!!

And then….we moved here!!!!!

And now I’m making stuff again.

And we are still going for walks.

And making new friends…….