Well Come on in!

Hey there world!

Tonight I was checking my email only to discover a golden nugget of delight sitting in my inbox.  It was a comment from my Grandma Sue, who has to me been my lifelong cheerleader.

“I love to read your blogs. Amanda you have such a way with life, and writing. I feel that you enjoy every minute, that is great wisdom for a person your age. Your little Cora reflects everything you are. I always felt you would be very special, and you are. Do you remember me telling you that when you were little?

Keep it up sweetheart, I think it is good for you,and it makes me smile, and makes me happy. It makes me feel that I can be a part of your life.”

Well, if that isn’t inspiring and encouraging then I don’t know what is!

And I often think of my little broadcast journal here, and how its truest purpose is sharing our life with the people I love who are so far away.

My thoughts about this blog are so often met with “I don’t have time for it, I’m stretched so thin, I can barely keep up with all that I am already doing.”

But having this space does inspire me to look at my life as though it is beautiful, as though it is worth living slowly and cherishing.  Having this place to document our days encourages me to celebrate them with pictures.

With that here are some pictures (albeit from a season past) but I am so excited to be inspired once again into taking, and sharing more!

adding color to my home ❤

Cora's favorite picture of herself. Making pie

painting with feet- try it its a revelation

never too many forest pictures

Can't get enough of these 2


I’m Baaaaack!!!!!

Yup.  I have been feeling a giant pull to blog again.  Hooray!!!  And I’ve also decided that I can skip the whole “God I suck that I haven’t been here since March”  routine that I normally go through.  I needed a(nother) break and that is perfectly ok.

So what have I been up to these last 5 somethin’ months?   I’d love to catch ya’ll up.

The usual really.

I made some stuff. (Oh and bought a cello 🙂 )

I washed a bunch of dishes.  Though I bet you did too!

Recieved an epic inheritance.  This here is a quilt impeccably made by my Great-great-great grandmother, to be cherished by me and passed on to Cora.  It is breathtaking.

I built a few castles….

Baked at least once.

Grew things from seeds, and made a generous contribution to the community of ground squirrels….

Enjoyed a few rainbows….

Celebrated the coming birth of a brand new baby….and then was honored by the privilege to watch my friend transform from maiden to mother as she birthed her baby like a goddess into this world.

Was struck by the realization that mine is not such a baby anymore, as I nursed her for the last time.

Took lots

And lots

and lots of pictures of crystals, as we are getting our Ebay store set up!

We changed the name of our shop……

(and are working on a new website! floweroflifecrystals.com )

And I even got to go on a solo retreat.  That’s right…all by myself!!!!

And then….we moved here!!!!!

And now I’m making stuff again.

And we are still going for walks.

And making new friends…….



“Courage is nessasary to creativity but not as necessary as most of us think.  Too often, we confuse courage with comfort.  We want to wait until something feels comfortable before we try it.  There is a certain touching childishness about this notion.  It has lingering overtones of Jack and the Beanstalk, Aladdin, and even Merlin.

It goes like this.

“‘One day magically, we will feel safe and protected and powerful.  When we do, then we will let ourselves begin the novel, the piano lessons, the acting class…'”  – From The Vein of Gold by Julia Cameron

It never fails to amaze me that no matter how many blog posts published, how many art projects completed, or dance classes attended, that there is always a moment in the cycle of creativity where beginning again is so dang hard.  Sometimes, it feels as though writing a simple blog post and then pushing the *publish* button is like my first jump off the high diving board.  And no matter how many times I have managed to muster up the courage to just do it, and have survived the outcome- always better for it- it just doesn’t ever get too much easier.

I think this is because the nature of art and creativity is that through growth we are always on the threshhold of uncharted territory.  Every time I complete a cycle and lay still in the soulful silence of abyss between projects, I’m *waiting* for that tiny whisper, that says “its time!”  And like all intuitive whisperings and listenings I am take a chance to go following a teeny tiny voice when it comes.  It’s taking a chance to trust that promising sweet little voice.

I think, “What if I’m wrong, what if I fail, what if its not worth it, who am I kidding, don’t you know how important a clean house is?!?!?”  And a whole other slew of unhelpful thoughts.

Over and over again I have learned that it always pays to take the chance.  No matter how uncomfortable to go out on that limb, to dive into cold water, to face the opinions of others.  It always pays to take the chance.

There are many projects on the horizon for me, I don’t know if any of them are worth it, destined to be successful, important, or necessary.  I’m as scared as ever.  But here I go, leaping anyway!


I Want it All.

Its true.

Its January here,(for you too huh?)  and for me that means I suddenly need to (quickly!), before the months ends become perfect.  Okay, I realize it just aint gonna happen again this year, but it’s still worth a try I think.

January for me is the month that I take a big life survey and figure out all the things I want to make awesome, achieve, organize, focus on, ect.ect.ect

It’s the month that I decide my entire house must be thoroughly  organized.  This year I have placed the added pressure that it also be completely functional. Its my new buzz word, my new house organizing mantra.  And not such a bad word if you knew how dearly I really do need a functional house, what with the ginormous portion of action I have on my plate.

There’s the 2-year-old(she’s 2! can you believe it!) that needs to be fed, clothed, and entertained on a daily basis no less.  There’s a dream studio with 100 lbs of clay just waiting to get all over my overalls.   A garden that will need a bit of tending in only a short couple of months.  My dream of writing about crystals for our store, having our business’ website become an action packed stop on the information super highway(I’m a dork I know)  There’s belly dance and hoop dance!  There is the oh so special sacred Date night!!  And Mom’s group. And Music Together. And then of course there is this sweet little space, my blog.  I also have a few sewing and knitting projects in mind.  I want to bake.  And eat more raw foods.  And of course lose weight.  And a night out with some girlfriends would be nice too.  Pretty please?!


You can definitely see how a functional household is in order here.

In an overwhelmed and exhausted moment I decided to go cool my jets and take a few deep breaths in the shower.  (We don’t have a bathtub)  And it hit me!!!  There are some very wonderfully symbiotic relationships between a great deal of these activities.  Cora needs to eat, I want to bake!  She needs entertaining, I need to spend time in the garden!  Gardens make raw food for me!  and they are a lot of work which provides excercise!  Ceramics makes me stiff and sore, I have regular movement classes at night with girlfriends!  And so on.

The bottom line is that I am beginning to see a fuzzy out of focus picture of how it can really all come together.  And something tells me to keep coming to this space for what its worth, to share, that this space is also an important piece of this great big dream puzzle.

Power of Myth

We’ve been in Alabama for a week now.  Its a whole different world here compared to the alternate universe that where we live.  One of the most shocking experiences for me is watching T.V.  Something that is not a big part of my life normally. 

I am surprised by how different my viewpoint of life, and of who we are as a people, a culture and a nation are as compared to who we are told we are on T.V.  In my world view, we are powerful creators bringing to Earth the majesty of Heaven.  We are worthy of worshipping the ground we walk on(and the ground we walk on is worthy of worship in its  own right).  We are people with hope, vision, and motivation.  We are crazy blessed with the best food on the planet and the power to cultivate strength in our bodies and minds.  Our Earth has given us everything we have ever had and have ever needed, and still does in spite of everything.  There is truly nothing we need outside of ourselves beside the love and support of one another.  We are harmonious and considerate, and working toward an ideal of tolerance and uncompromising compassion for each other, and a gentle and grateful relationship to Mother Earth.     We have the power to actualize utopia on this planet and then dance the night away in celebration of ourselves and each other.

However, according to television, we are in serious danger.   The threat of terrorists, gangbangers, liberals, bacteria, drunks, loss, dirty dishes, fashion police, wrinkles and fat are lurking around every corner and we cannot be happy until we have thrown money at every single problem.  The solution to these and many more threats is on sale 30% off the day after Thanksgiving or available as a perscription from your Doctor.  The good life is lived in a large beige house in front of  a screen. No need to leave your house whatsoever, because as we know it is a dangerous world outside and electronic products have cut out the pesky nessesity of the great outdoors.  One can play golf, go running, dance, and read thier baby a bedtime story on a screen.    Any discomfort in your life (and boy there really IS a whole lot to complain about!) can be solved by buying something, except of course for the threat of terrorists. Not only will buying things sove all of your problems, but it is also the greatest joy that life has to offer as well.  The more you buy, the better and safer your life will be. 

I don’t expect too much of T’V but I am surprised by the story it is telling.  Many people live in fear of things that don’t have very much actual realistic threat.  (odds of dying in a terrorist attack: 1 in 25 million, odds of getting struck by lightning 1 in 500,00) I wonder how many people are letting T’V tell them the story of thier world, especially when the actual day to day reality doesn’t exactly match up.  That is the real threat.  To remain powerless, afraid, disconnected, and moderately entertained by a bunch of crazy strangers (and these people are seriously insane!).  To let ones values be set by a false truth out of alignment with the laws of nature.  I hope we wake up, that we see that we have the power of our own myths, and the power to paint our own picture, and to create our own truths. 

 “When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you.”

Woulda Coulda Shoulda

You know those moments where someone says something and you respond only to walk away and think of all the other responses you should have said that would have been so much better?

Well of course you do we all have those moments, only I had a cyber version of one of those moments yesterday.

See I was entering in this giveaway for this seriously awesome e-book session thingy that I know will change my life forever and being the eager hasty me that I am I rapidly filled out my answers and then pushed post.  Shit.  Why couldn’t I have waited?!?!

So I decided if only for my own silly self-gratification I’d like to answer again please.  Right here cuz its my blog and I can do what I want to.

Your Name:Amanda Higgins
twitter: don’t

a) Give us a quote that explains how you see life.

Leap and the net will appear (I stand by that one! 🙂
b) What’s wrong with the world?

c) What does the world need more of?

bare feet and gardens
d) What’s one great businesses idea you wished you thought of?

Still Etsy
e) Name 3 people you admire and 1 word on each of them to describe why.

My Man, honesty, My grandpa, subtlety, My daughter, heavenly
f) What’s your cocktail line?

I live a gorgeous life with gratitude.  I’m a Mama, ceramic artist, writer.

g) What does/will your business bring to the world?

Inspiration bulging with love.

h) What problem do you solve for people?

i) What are your current or intended revenue streams?

Currently crystals, intended? I think the possibilities are endless.
j) What did you used to believe that you now think is silly?

(Same answer) That what others think define me.  I know now that I define me.
k) What’s your biggest entrepreneurial obstacle, and how will The FSS help you turn it to ashes?

Lack of focus and self-confidence,  It will help me dive into the depths of my soul and return with some nuggets of gold.
l) What chapter in The FSS do you want to read first?

Identity and Branding
m) For you, what word is interchangeable with “success”?

n) What’s one business question you’d like to ask me?

How to balance being a Mama and being a business.

So there you go.  Do I feel better? Hmm just kind of.  Woulda coulda shoulda.

Love the Infinite

The Greatest Power in the Universe + Infinite Supply = LOVE

Life is just so overwhelmingly gorgeous sometimes, you know?  And sometimes I have a hard time figuring out what exactly to say about it all.

Our days right now are consumed with enjoying every last drop of summer while it lasts, long steep walks and gorgeous views with friends, precious moments with a precious little girl (always!), a whole lotta clay throwing (yay for me!!, and the most beautiful and divine cucumber vine that I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

P.s.  AND I got a new camera!!!!!

Be Generous

If I were to offer baby parenting advise to anyone (and I probably wouldn’t, but this is my blog, I’ll say what I want to)  It would be this…

Give all of yourself.  Give every last morsel and every last crumb of love that you can find and then crawl around on your hands and knees, and find some more.  Be a total fool in loving your baby, give her all of you.  Trust her voice.  Listen to her grunts and grimaces.  Hold her when she cries, even if you cannot stop the crying, just to tell her that you will always hold her when she cries. Don’t be suspicious when she needs you.  Don’t ask questions about why your baby needs your love and patience all the time, day and night.  Just give it.  And then give some more.  Let your baby tell you exactly what she needs.  Tell her you’re listening.  Let your baby find out exactly how to get what she wants from you. Let her know that all she has to do is ask.

People have said that if one gives a baby everything she asks for then she will know how to manipulate you for the things she wants.  The exact opposite is the case.  If you give her everything she asks for (within the realistic confines of health and safety and um reality),  She will know that in order to have her needs met, all she has to do is ask.  Communication is simple.  Straightforward.

If she is not listened  and responded to she will have to get creative.  She will out of necessity be forced to manipulate in order to have her needs be met.  Communication becomes complicated.  Life already offers many opportunities for her to learn that she doesn’t always get her way.  Why create more of them?

Trust your baby, trust her body, trust her voice.  In turn your baby will trust you.

Be Generous.

Kitchen Love

I am pretty excited about our new kitchen its big, its open.  It has concrete counter tops and an island bigger that our dining room table.  Yum! I am feeling seriously inspired to cook.

Oh and the sink is Cora’s new bathtub.

So today we went to the farmers market and got a bunch of beets!!!

Then I used this wonderful recipe for beet and beet green salad.  I have made this salad several times and it is a terrific way to use beets and their greens.  Not to mention its extremely nutritious.

This is me toasting pumpkin seeds…..

quick boiling greens….



This is our living room window.  And yes, those are 2 horses grazing right outside, my new friends, Rozzy and Rocket.   They are probly wondering why I am constantly gawking at them.  And I am wondering how on earth I am ever going to spend enough time inside of my new home to get it all put together.

I am in total awe of my new surroundings.  It is beautiful here.  The horses are magnificent.  Actually, I don’t know how to describe my feelings that I have about them.  My heart swells up with wonder and enchantment.

I am in heaven.

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