Daily Walks


I’ve been wanting to share with you all for so long the magic I encounter on a daily basis whenever I venture out of doors here.  But how could one possibly put it into words.

I realized I have a bunch of photos.  All mostly of the same views in different light, seasons, weather.  Because I can’t stop taking pictures of this place.

This walk is a daily ritual of healing, replenishment, and light and color therapy.

One may think that since the onset of winter it wouldn’t be quite so beautiful, but au contrare, my friends.  These sunsets are putting on their show just before dinner time, and we attend faithfully for a daily dose of awe, fresh air and movement before the quiet of evening time commences.

I’ve come to rely on this daily dose of Aaaah, like a medicine of the most powerful kind.  Sometime our walks are ambitious and we climb a hill, but more often they are a stroll to see the white dog that herds watches over the flock of sheep that live just down the rode, and then to our friend Ebony, the horse.   Sometimes they take us to the field on just the other side of the creek and we do more mosey-ing, or sitting than walking.  At the end of summer we picked blackberries all along the sides of the road, and then after the first frost of late fall we would stop at the rose bushes and eat fresh rosehips.  And now we enjoying the flocks of robins, the tiny flowers peeping out of sandy places and the buds emerging on tree branches.