Well Come on in!

Hey there world!

Tonight I was checking my email only to discover a golden nugget of delight sitting in my inbox.  It was a comment from my Grandma Sue, who has to me been my lifelong cheerleader.

“I love to read your blogs. Amanda you have such a way with life, and writing. I feel that you enjoy every minute, that is great wisdom for a person your age. Your little Cora reflects everything you are. I always felt you would be very special, and you are. Do you remember me telling you that when you were little?

Keep it up sweetheart, I think it is good for you,and it makes me smile, and makes me happy. It makes me feel that I can be a part of your life.”

Well, if that isn’t inspiring and encouraging then I don’t know what is!

And I often think of my little broadcast journal here, and how its truest purpose is sharing our life with the people I love who are so far away.

My thoughts about this blog are so often met with “I don’t have time for it, I’m stretched so thin, I can barely keep up with all that I am already doing.”

But having this space does inspire me to look at my life as though it is beautiful, as though it is worth living slowly and cherishing.  Having this place to document our days encourages me to celebrate them with pictures.

With that here are some pictures (albeit from a season past) but I am so excited to be inspired once again into taking, and sharing more!

adding color to my home ❤

Cora's favorite picture of herself. Making pie

painting with feet- try it its a revelation

never too many forest pictures

Can't get enough of these 2