Found It!!!

The Case of The Missing Camera has officially been solved.


Reporting Live From An Excellent Day

We woke up to sunshine, it’s Todd’s first day back to work (a half day). Me and Cora treated ourselves to the company of our very best friend, Jody. Jody spends Wednesdays with Cora and is one of the most wonderful people I have met in this lifetime. She is thoughtful, generous, curious, courageous, adventurous.
We trecked through the woods, and perched ourselves on a rock by a sweet little swimming hole, like a couple of nymphs. We came back to town and enjoyed iced mate’s, blue skies, and orange poppies.
We are home now, it is nap time, and chore time for this Mama, but I go to my chores today feeling so nourished, soothed by nature and filled with friendship.
Wishing you sunshine and deep breathes ❤

Back To Gratitude

Its been one of those weeks.  My man is stuck on the couch.  I am still engaged in an epic battle with ants for the occupation of my kitchen and dining room.  I can’t find my camera!!!! (and a few other things too for that matter)  My baby is 18 months and is changing fast (ie. I feel like I’m getting yelled at a whole lot more than before).  The Yard is transforming into The Jungle unless I get outside and do something fast!  Basically there are moments that I feel like I am riding a great big current and I can’t do much but go with the flow of it, and then there are moments that I feel like I am drowning underneath a to do list but stuck in the rocking chair nursing.

It makes me think of a Maya Angelou quote that I will paraphrase as I cannot find it, if anyone knows please help me out!!  The quote goes something like, Never fall apart practice staying strong because that is how we get stronger.

So I go back to gratitude.  Because I have so much to be grateful for.  Because I am not a victim of any circumstances, I am the of an opportunity to be more of a badass than I thought I could be.  Because I have more to be grateful for than I have time to even write it all down here.  Because I am thrilled by the changes happening in the world and I can’t wait to see what will happen next. I can’t wait to see what I will do next.  It’s all so exciting really.

I am realizing that gratitude is to spirit, mind and body what the breath is to the body, mind and spirit.  It’s the beginning.  It’s the place to start, when you don’t know where to start.

I leave you now with a great big breath. and a great big GULP of gratitude.  What are you grateful for?

Hello There Blogosphere….

Boy its been a while…and I am sorry for the unannounced extended absence.  It has been a momentous week around here.

We found out we are moving!!!!  And that is good news indeed, for us and for this blog, because the house we found is in the country, on 40 acres. Our closest neighbors (neigh!) are 6 gorgeous horses, and our views are golden hillsides.  Oh I am thrilled indeed.  I think this blog will be very much more interesting when its stories are  about “A mama, and a baby in the shining countryside”  as opposed to “A mama and a baby making the most of a beautiful life in a double wide trailer in town”  Yes. we live in an old run down double wide.  But not for long!!!

I can’t find my camera!!!!  And what is a post without pictures!?  I know I’ve done it before, but man I want to find my camera….or maybe its just time for a new one.  Hmmm, now that’s an idea.

We had a fantastic Father’s Day.  (unfortunately there is no photographic evidenciary support)  We went to a lake high in the mountains with a picnic.  Precious.  We had a lot to celebrate, because not only are Todd and I both blessed with amazing father’s, but Todd himself is such a good Daddy.

Then the day after Father’s day was The Day That Todd Had Surgery.  It was minor surgery, and he is recovering just fine.

So, there you have it.  I will do my best to just keep up here!  I am been having an unofficial screen free week, I just haven’t been feeling so very in love with computer land right now.  I guess I have been trying to put as much of myself, and my energy towards my life in the flesh.  But I thank you for reading if you are, and do please pray for a helpful little fairy to come along and lead me to the location of my lost camera!!!

Wishing you a glorious week!

Crystal Thursday- Labradorite

This weeks edition of crystal Thursday brings us to a very beloved stone, labradorite.  I would say this is one of the most popular stones, and its magic and mystique is just awesome.


According to Inuit legend, the Northern lights were imprisoned in the rocks along the coast of Labrador and were freed by a warrior when he struck them with a powerful blow of his spear.  However, some of the lights remain forever trapped in the rock.  Labradorite was first “discovered” and named (by Protestant missionaries) on the Labrador Peninsula in 1770.  Its beautiful colors and striking light effect are thanks to an inner laminate structure that bends light.  It is this shiller light bending effect that associates this stone with seeing clearly in dark places.  Its dancing colors of light stimulate creative thinking and remind us of the potentials of our imaginations and new ways of seeing.  This stone can initiate one into the realms of ones magical abilities.   Labradorite is a primary formation feldspar mineral with an inner crystal structure that is triclinic (trapezium shaped).


I am finally feeling replenished and grounded after our excellent adventure to Southern California.  There’s nothing like the ocean, family, and sunshine to make a fantastic vacation.

We met some amazing trees.

Walked the gorgeous sandy beaches.And we played on the beach.  Cora hasn’t stopped saying “Beach!”  “Choo-choo” or ” Weee Wee weeee AAaaadaaawayyyooomme!” (we we we all the way home) since we got all the way home.   This is Cora with her Gramma B playing in sand.And here’s a little mermaid sleeping on the beach.

Hope you all had a wonderful week.

Amanda and Cora’s Excellent Adventure

Dearest Readers,
We are leaving town on a jetplane this morning and my computer will not be making the trip. I’ll be back on Saturday and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!!!!

Crystal Thursday- Choosing Your Crystals

These are pictures of our family store, Mystic Trade Company.  (our website is currently getting an oh so fabulous make-over but this link will work soon!)

After writing down the title to this weeks installment of Crystal Thursday, the first thought that crossed my mind was that I have often found that crystals actually choose us more than the other way around.  So a more appropriate title would be, “How to Find the Crystal That Wants To Go Home With You”.

I had this experience with a pink Kunzite crystal last winter.  I was working at the store one day and was stopped in my tracks by this crystal, I picked it up and my body was flooded with a wonderful blissful sensation.  I held it that whole day.  When I went home that night it kept popping up in my head and each time it did I could feel that wonderful sensation.  I ended up keeping it, and wearing it exclusively for about 3 months straight.  Upon looking into what kunzite is good for I discovered it is a stone that facilitates being of service to others, and having gratitude for the honor to serve others.  That time of my life I was struggling with what it meant to be a woman, a mother and to serve my family in that capacity.  The kunzite brought so much strength and bliss to my home life and my attitude towards the ways in which I could best help serve my family.  I felt a great depth of understanding that even though the role of woman in a family isn’t lucrative per se, it is hugely valuable.  I began to deeply value my work and take great pride and pleasure in caring for the people around me, and I realized what a blessing it is to have others in my life to serve.

The art of choosing your crystals is all about, intuition, deep listening to that quiet voice in the center of your being. That little spot in your chest or belly that *leaps* when it encounters the right thing.  Having crystals in one’s life can and will empower the intuitive forces within.  The first and foremost factor to consider when choosing a crystal is to ask which one were you most excited by and attracted to. There are factors to consider, such as how your piece will be utilized in your life.  Are you looking for a peice that will be used to enhance the healing energy of a space like your home, garden, or office? Will it be carried with you as soul support throughout the day?  Will it hang out under you pillow for dream work?  Is it for meditation or other healing applicatoins?

There are factors to consider such as size, color, texture, and fragility.

Sometimes I’ve choose stones based on different energies I am intending on facilitating in my life.  I will often wear my amber pendant if I am wanting to embody a cheerful disposition.  I hold ruby or carnelian to activate creativity and confidence, opal for some of the same with a whole lot of playfulness.  I love to bathe with rose quartz or jade.  I have used aquamarine to support communication.

Sometimes I have had stones chosen for me in dreams.  There have been periods when I knew exactly which stone to work with because it came through as a strong image in my dream, down to every detail in color or shape(though the size is usually quite distorted).  I have even dreamed of stones that I had never seen or met before and had the exact stone brought into the store the very next day by someone hoping to sell it.

The process of choosing a stone is such a personal one.  There are excellent books that can be used as guides, especially if you are seeking a particular outcome.  “Crystal Healing, Crystal Power” by Michael Gienger is my very favorite.  I also like “Love is in the Earth” by Melody.  Ultimately, your heart, your spirit will know which crystal has chosen you.

Watcha Been Up to?



This is our spare bedroom, which also served as the landing room for just about anything and everything that didn’t have a home.  I finally got to it.  Whoooohoooo!!!
I know I probly should have been embarrassed to have even shown that first picture but oh well.  Its done.  Now Im going to go and enjoy my great big bowl of …..CHERRIES!!! yum.

Sieze Moments of Comfort

I awoke this morning craving comfort.  I wanted a warmth and soothing energy all around me.  I wanted a happy place.

There are always dishes, there are always errands,but this morning, there was the lake.

It amazes me that life with a baby leaves one feeling so very very vulnerable, that one tiny careless moment could lead to the unmentionable… Of course this morning was wonderful and amazing, but I couldn’t help feeling so darned worried as my tiny child struggled to be free from my grip and leap into the great body of wa-wa. The lake was so full and water so high it took us a little bit to find a beach area- one where she could more safely play in the water.  It was a bit more relaxing (for me) there.

She was in heaven, and despite the clouds it was warm outside and in the water, surprisingly.  I didn’t catch pictures but she ended up wet head to toe, had a blast and was bubbling with joy when in was time to go.  My little water baby.  And it was soothing to skip some “to-do’s” and seize a moment at the lake.